Sunday, 29 January 2012

Speeding up the UI

What if we could speed up the UI for the users and make it simpler at the same time. RQL caching to the rescue!
I have been reviewing old blog posts and forum entries and came across this little gem by Kim Dezen RedDot CMS Plugin - Add Page.

Resulting in a page interface like this:

I thought I'd have a go myself but found the performance a little slow for users while the RQL churns in the background to find the template pre-assignments. Seeing as the template pre-assignments will hardly ever change once the project is built I decided to cache the results in a database resulting in an instantaneous population of the dropdown.
If a new option needs to be added to the dropdown simply delete the cache and let it be generated again!
[The only caveat is that the pre-assignments have to be taken from the template level and not the page instance itself but as this only happens very rarely (when the cache for a template is initialised) I can live with it.]